How Your University Choice Can Effect Your Salary

BIG QUESTION ALERT! Does the university you attend actually matter?


London Business School £69,000
Oxford University £54,000
Warwick Business School £53,000
Cambridge University £52,500
City University London £50,500
London School of Economics and Political Science £50,000
University of Sheffield £49,000
Edinburgh University £48,500
Imperial College London £47,000
University of Birmingham £46,500


Before furthering the discussion on the fore mentioned question, I think it is important be clear upon what exactly the numbers in the table above mean. These results are according to The Telegraph and show that graduates that from the universities listed above are among the top earners in the country.

Upon that being clarified, let me ask you another question. Why do people go to university? After an ample amount of reading, I have deduced that gaining tertiary education at a university significantly improves a person’s career prospects. Statistics estimate that the total additional salary earned over a lifetime can average £400,000. Graduates will also not only have a wider variety of career options but they are also more likely to progress much faster up the career ladder. This being said, it would be misleading to assume that holding a degree guarantees a person employment and the degree subject is a significant factor.

Following the premise that the attitudes of people towards receiving tertiary education and securing a successful career are directly proportionate, it can be concluded that the university a person chooses to attend does indeed matter as the results above show the universities that produce top earning graduates.


The figures shown are based on graduates 5 years or more after leaving university and are used to compare the salaries achieved by alumni of British Universities