Empowering Young People Through Financial Education

Giving you the power to make wise money choices and create a bright financial future.

Why We Believe Financial Education Is So Essential

Has there ever been a more important time to teach young people about money?

In an increasingly complex financial world, more and more responsibility is placed on the individual to plan and direct their financial futures. Students entering higher education are encouraged into debt but not provided with the tools to manage it. Long term decisions on saving, investment and pensions are delayed due to lack of information and trustworthy advice.

Short term, quick fixes such as credit cards and payday loans have become accepted parts of our society yet few young people understand the real cost or implications of using them.

Our goal is not to preach or try and impose a moral view. Our aim is to provide impartial information that balances prevention and possibility. Preventing expensive and damaging financial mistakes whilst offering aspirational examples and case studies.

  • Our Vision

    Our vision is that every young person has access to high quality, impartial financial education that will empower them to make informed decisions.

  • Our Mission

    To enrich the lives of a minimum 50,000 young people over the next 3 years

  • Our Values

    Balanced, impartial financial education with integrity and a sense of humour.

The Personal Finance Academy is a Social Enterprise providing financial education to young people through interactive, online learning.

Students often start by taken the online Money IQ test which reveals what they know (or don't know) about their finances. This Money IQ score can be used as a baseline to track progress and measure learning throughout the program.

The Personal Finance Academy curriculum consists of modules which enhance life skills such as Living IndependentlyUnderstanding Your Payslip and Buying Your First Car. Whilst other modules tackle such issues as Credit and Debt and The Cost of Payday Loans.


Our goal is to create dynamic and entertaining content which is enjoyed by our members, whilst making the lives of teachers easier by providing high quality, impartial resources to teach young people essential money skills.

We are a social enterprise started by former teacher and financial adviser Daniel Britton. His personal mission is to inspire and empower children and young people allowing them to make sound financial decisions and avoid the pain and stress caused by money worries.

Daniel's background includes experience in banking and personal finance, over 15 years in education as a teacher, trainer and school leader and as an entrepreneur starting and running several businesses.


He is an award winning author of The Financial Fairy Tales series of children's money books, plus has received national recognition as Enterprise Tutor of the Year by HRH Duke of York and Peter Jones CBE in 2013.

The Personal Finance Academy has a range of courses to help young people and students develop their money skills. They also work with businesses to reduce stress, absenteeism and sickness by educating their staff on money matters.

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